Eradicate Bed Bugs without Pesticides

Bed bugs are difficult to get rid of because most pesticides and chemicals that are available over the counter (OTC) are ineffective. They may be partially successful and kill bed bugs to diminish the hundreds that may be present during an infestation. The reason the results are temporary at best is because the sprays and chemicals have to come into direct contact with the bug in order to kill it.

These contact repellents will eradicate the bugs that are visible, but do nothing to the ones that are under the mattress, inside the pillow, or in between the blankets. In addition to only killing some of the bugs, OTC remedies are harmful to the family and pets. Toxins are released into the air and can lead to the exacerbate of allergies and asthma, along with other respiratory issues. Headaches, rashes, and irritation may also be caused by the pesticides.

Exterminators may have organic remedies that will decrease adverse health effects to the pets and family. Many utilize a mixture of mild pesticides and oils. The problem with that solution is cost. Professional services can be expensive, and may require maintenance at regular intervals to keep bed bugs away from the premises. Spraying may have to be followed up with more spraying every few months. Outbreaks in between time will end up costing even more money.


Another option currently available is purchasing a natural product that is used by experienced professionals. The product, sold as bed bug bully, has been used on a large scale for commercial businesses for over a decade. Hotels, luxury resorts, lodges, university dormitories, apartment complexes, hospitals, and cruise ships have benefited from this product. It is widely used because it contains no poisons or pesticides. That means the business location does not have to evacuate customers, guests, patients, or students. It also eliminates health concerns and reduces liability risks for businesses.

Details are outlined for those who take the time to read our bed bug bully review. The all-natural ingredients exceed federal guidelines and are declared pesticide exempt by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The product is effective because it is not a contact repellent. It effects the neuro-transmitters of bed bugs and only has to be inhaled to kill. It reaches all the bugs in the area. The transmitters targeted are only found in insects so are harmless to humans, birds, pets, and wildlife. No chemicals or pesticides also means the product will not stain clothes, carpets, or furniture. Customers can find the product in two different sizes at discounted pricing at